PA Cash 5

Get the latest Cash 5 numbers and information from the Pennsylvania Lottery. The game features a jackpot that often rolls into six figures and a cash payout - there's no annuity option, so the entire prize is paid as a single lump sum. The top prize keeps climbing until a lucky player wins it by matching all five numbers. The game has four prize levels and the more you match, the more you win. Draws are held every evening at 6:59 pm ET. To enter that night's draw, get your tickets before sales finish at 6:57 pm.

Cash 5 Numbers

Have you won a Cash 5 prize? Check your numbers for the most recent draws below and see if you've matched two, three, four or five numbers to take home a payout.

Friday March 1st 2024
8 16 21 26 28

Next Estimated Jackpot

Past Cash 5 Numbers

Thursday February 29th 2024
18 28 34 36 37

Wednesday February 28th 2024
6 7 8 22 30

Tuesday February 27th 2024
3 33 40 42 43

Monday February 26th 2024
3 11 23 30 32

Sunday February 25th 2024
10 20 26 28 38

Saturday February 24th 2024
22 25 33 37 41

How to Play

Choose five numbers from 1 to 43, or opt for Quick Pick and the lottery computer will generate them for you. Each play costs $1 and you can play up to five times on one playslip; each panel is a separate play.

You can enter just one draw, or save a trip to the store and play up to seven advance draws in a row.

After each draw, check this page for the latest results to see if you've won a prize.

How to Win

Cash 5 has a total of four cash prize levels and the overall chance of winning a prize is about 1 in 10.5.

Win the jackpot if you match all five numbers drawn by the lottery. The jackpot will keep rolling over and increasing until it's won, and there's no cap on how high it can go. After the top prize is won, the Pennsylvania Lottery will announce the new minimum starting jackpot for the next draw based on ticket sales.

The table below shows the prize breakdown and odds of winning depending on whether you match two, three, four or five numbers (jackpot).

The way prizes are calculated in Cash 5 is a little different to other games. The fourth prize for matching two numbers is $1.00 per winner. That amount ($1 multiplied by the number of fourth prize winners) is subtracted from the total prize pool, and the rest of the pool is divided between the first, second and third prize tiers by the percentage shown in the Prize Distribution column.

If there's more than one winner of the first, second, or third prize, the prize pool for that level will be distributed equally among the winners.

Cash 5 Prizes and Odds of Winning
Match Prize Distribution* Odds of Winning**
5 of 5 67.94% after 4th prize is deducted 1 in 962,598
4 of 5 11.90% after 4th prize is deducted 1 in 5,066
3 of 5 20.16% after 4th prize is deducted 1 in 136.93
2 of 5 $1 (fixed amount) 1 in 11.41