PA Pick 2

Pick 2 offers the chance to win up to $50 twice a day by matching just two numbers. Play your way with a selection of fun bet types, and add Wild Ball for extra ways to match and win.

Pick 2 Day Numbers

Check the latest numbers from the Day draw, held every afternoon at 1:35 pm ET. Ticket sales close at 1:05 pm.

Thursday October 6th 2022
5 2 0

Past Pick 2 Day Numbers

Wednesday October 5th 2022
9 7 9

Tuesday October 4th 2022
6 6 8

Monday October 3rd 2022
4 9 3

Sunday October 2nd 2022
9 9 8

Saturday October 1st 2022
0 7 6

Friday September 30th 2022
1 0 0

Pick 2 Evening Numbers

Below you'll find winning numbers from the Evening draw, which takes place seven nights a week at 6:59 pm ET. Ticket sales end at 6:57 pm.

Thursday October 6th 2022
7 6 2

Past Pick 2 Evening Numbers

Wednesday October 5th 2022
0 2 1

Tuesday October 4th 2022
1 9 6

Monday October 3rd 2022
8 1 7

Sunday October 2nd 2022
2 3 3

Saturday October 1st 2022
8 6 5

Friday September 30th 2022
6 6 5

How to Play

Simply choose two numbers from 0-9, or use Quick Pick for the fastest way to play (Straight play is the QP default). Each play costs $1 except the combined bet types which cost $2 per play, as shown below.

Pick 2 has a twist that sets it apart from many draw games - you choose a play style according to how you want to try to match the numbers drawn. Here's a rundown of each bet type:

Straight: Match your two numbers in the exact order to the numbers drawn by the lottery. This play type has the highest prizes but also the toughest odds, with a 1 in 100 chance of winning the top prize of $50.

Box: Choose two unique numbers and win $25 if they match both numbers drawn in any order.

Front Digit: Win $5 if your number matches the first number drawn.

Back Digit: Win $5 if your number matches the last number drawn.

Super Straight: Pick two unique numbers and match in any order to win $50. This is a combined play type where you get both possible Straight plays (total cost: $2).

Straight/Box: This is a combined play where you choose two unique numbers and get a Straight play plus a Box play (total cost: $2). Win $50 if you match in exact order, or $25 if you match in any order.

The Wild Ball add-on delivers additional ways to win. A single-digit Wild Ball number is drawn before each main draw. That number can replace one of the numbers the lottery selects in the main draw, so have have more opportunities to make a winning match. Wild Ball doubles the cost of your play and offers different payouts.

How to Win

Depending on your play type, you could win up to $50. Each play costs $1 except Super Straight and Straight/Box, which are a total of $2 each because they are combined plays.

To see how adding Wild Ball changes the prizes and odds, check out the second table.

PA Pick 2 Prizes and Odds of Winning
Play Type Match Prizes Odds of Winning
Straight 2 numbers, exact order $50 1 in 100
Box 2 numbers, any order $25 1 in 50
Front Digit Your number matches first number drawn $5 1 in 10
Back Digit Your number matches last number drawn $5 1 in 10
Super Straight Both Straight plays $50 1 in 100 (per play)
Straight/Box 1 Straight play & 1 Box play $50
1 in 100
1 in 50

Pick 2 Plus Wild Ball Prizes and Odds

Below you'll find the prize breakdown and odds when Wild Ball is added to your Pick 2 play (based on $1 per play).

PA Pick 2 Plus Wild Ball Prizes and Odds of Winning
Play Type Pick 2 Base Game Prize Wild Ball Prize Wild Ball Odds of Winning
Straight $50 $30 1 in 50
Box $25 $15 1 in 25
Front Digit $5 $6 1 in 10
Back Digit $5 $6 1 in 10
Super Straight $50 $30 1 in 50 (per play)